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Are you finding yourself stuck in the content creation process with seemingly no end in sight? Writing and publishing new blog posts can be a time-consuming task, but fortunately, there are ways to write blog posts more quickly.

AI technology is poised to help revolutionize how we write blogs faster so we create content faster, more efficiently, and potentially even better than before! In this post, we will explore 15 of the top tips for writing quicker blog posts leveraging AI.

From accessing data insights quickly to improving grammar accuracy – learn all about how you can use AI technology to speed up your blogging process!

The Tools Needed To Write Faster

Writing is a skill that requires precision and speed, and with the advent of technology and software, there are various tools available that can help writers work faster and smarter.

Jasper AI

jasper ai blog post fast

Among these, Jasper AI is a standout tool, designed to enhance the writing process by providing essential feedback and suggestions. With its advanced algorithms, Jasper AI analyzes your work, highlighting grammatical errors, and repetitions and even suggesting phrasing alternatives that can make your writing more engaging. I have Jasper ai as the best ai writing tool on the market.

Why do I need Jasper AI to write blog posts faster?

Jasper AI can be a helpful tool for writing great blog posts and posts faster in a few different ways:

  • Content ideas: Coming up with fresh and relevant ideas for blog posts can be a time-consuming task. Jasper AI can generate topic ideas based on your specific niche or area of interest, saving you time and effort.
  • Research: Once you have a topic idea, researching the subject matter can also take up a lot of time. Jasper AI can help you find relevant sources and information on your topic, streamlining the research process.
  • Writing assistance: Writing a blog post can be a challenging task, particularly if you are not a confident or experienced writer. Jasper AI can help you create high-quality content by suggesting sentence structures, providing synonyms and alternatives for words, and ensuring proper grammar and spelling.
  • Time-saving: By automating some of the writing processes, Jasper AI can help you write blog posts faster, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life.

Surfer SEO

blog writing process using Surfer SEO

If you’re a website owner or digital marketer looking to improve your search engine rankings, Surfer SEO might just be the tool for you.

This popular SEO software uses data-driven analysis of top-ranking pages to provide tailored recommendations for optimizing your content.

By using search engine optimization and identifying areas of improvement for on-page optimization, Surfer SEO helps you to create content that better meets the needs of search engines and users alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just getting started, Surfer SEO is a powerful tool that can help users across industries improve their search rankings and drive more traffic to their websites.

Surfer SEO will help you quickly identify the LSI words that you need to add to your content. This will save you time from having to research related keywords and terms.

Start with the end in mind

Habits of Highly Effective People”. The concept encourages individuals to begin any task or project by first visualizing the desired outcome or result.

By doing so, they can then work backward to identify the steps needed to achieve that goal.

This concept can be particularly useful when creating a call to action (CTA) for your website or marketing materials.

By starting with the end in mind – i.e., what action you want the user to take – you can craft a more effective CTA that is clear, compelling, and relevant to the user.

Have your targeted keywords ready

Writing blog posts quickly can be a challenge, but having a solid plan in place can make all the difference. One crucial step is to prepare your targeted keywords ahead of time.

These are the words and phrases that potential readers are typing into search engines, and they hold the key to your post’s success.

By incorporating your keywords seamlessly into your content, you can improve its visibility and relevance for your audience. With a smart keyword strategy, you’ll be able to pump out high-quality blog and social media posts in record time.

Use a tool like Kwfinder to do Keyword Research

keyword research

As a content creator, it’s important to have a strong understanding of which keywords will resonate with your target audience. This is where Kwfinder comes in handy. With its powerful algorithm and user-friendly interface, Kwfinder helps you quickly identify high-performing keywords that are both relevant and effective.

By integrating these keywords into your content, you can increase your visibility and attract more traffic to your website.

Plus, with Kwfinder’s ability to track changes in search volumes, you can stay on top of the latest trends and ensure that you’re always using the most up-to-date keywords.

So if you’re looking for a powerful keyword research tool, Kwfinder is worth checking out.

Research with a timer

By setting a specific amount of time to research a particular topic, you are forced to focus and work efficiently.

Additionally, research has shown that breaking up your work into smaller, focused segments can help boost creativity and reduce burnout.

With the help of AI-powered tools, you can quickly and easily gather information while simultaneously maximizing your time and energy.

Come up with Blog Post Topic Ideas

blog articles how to write a blog post fast

With the help of AI, writing has become faster and easier than ever before. AI can assist you in generating blog post topic ideas based on the keywords you provide. You no longer need to wrack your brain for hours trying to come up with an exciting topic.

AI can analyze search queries and suggest topics that are currently trending or in high demand. In just a matter of minutes, you can have a list of topics ready to explore and further develop your blog article.

So why not save your valuable time and let AI help you create incredible blog posts in record time?

Create a Blog Post Outline

One helpful tip for using AI in your perfect blog post creation is to create a detailed outline before diving into the writing process.

This will ensure that you have a clear roadmap of the main points you want to cover in your post, helping you stay focused and organized as you write.

With an outline in place, you can use features like automatic keyword suggestions and content analysis to make the writing process even smoother.

Surfer SEO has a free Ai Outline Generator that you can use for free.

Write The Intro Paragraph

By using AI technology, you can now generate introductory paragraphs and the best blog posts in a matter of minutes. This innovative tool can not only help you save time, but it can also assist you in creating unique and engaging content that will draw in readers.

With the help of AI, you can unlock your inner writing skills and produce blog posts that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Start writing! (Write now, edit later)

perfect blog post

Don’t worry about perfect grammar or spelling errors; leave that to the editing stage. By starting the writing process right away, you’ll find that your ideas flow more freely, and you’ll be able to produce more content in less time.

Plus, with the assistance of AI technology, you can rest assured that your writing will be clear and concise, all while saving you time and boosting your productivity.

Start Writing Blog Posts (With Your Voice)

Using your voice to speed up your writing process can be an effective technique, especially when combined with AI technology.

With the help of voice recognition technology, you can speak your ideas and have them automatically transcribed into text, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

One of the main advantages of using your voice to generate content is that it allows for a more natural and conversational writing style.

This is because when you speak, you tend to use a more relaxed and natural tone, which can help to make your writing more engaging and relatable for your audience.

Use Blog Post Templates

Using templates is a great way to speed up your blog post-writing process while also ensuring that your post is well-organized and easy to read. Templates offer a clear structure and framework for your content, allowing you to focus on the substance of your blog post ideas rather than the format.

Templates typically include pre-defined sections, such as an introduction, main body, and conclusion, along with headings and subheadings that provide a clear outline of the content of other blog posts.

This not only makes your blog post easier to read and follow, but it also saves you time by providing a clear framework for your writing.

You can use templates related to comparison articles, product reviews, how to post, and or list articles. Having a template ready saves you time.

Draft the main body

single blog post

AI tools can be incredibly useful in streamlining and accelerating the blog post-writing process.

These tools can assist in both how to write a blog post faster and a range of tasks, such as researching and generating topic ideas, developing outlines, and even writing some of the content itself.

However, it’s important to recognize that relying solely on AI can lead to generic content that lacks a personal touch.

To ensure that your blog posts retain your voice and opinions, it’s essential to find a balance between utilizing AI technology and maintaining a personal touch.

One effective approach is to use AI to first draft the main body of the post and then manually edit and refine it later.

This allows you to benefit from the efficiency and speed of AI, while still retaining creative control and personalizing the content.

Write The Conclusion

One helpful tip to speed up your writing process is to use an AI tool to help you write the conclusion of your blog post faster.

There are many AI tools available that can assist in this task. These tools use natural language processing algorithms to analyze your content and generate a conclusion that neatly summarizes your main ideas.

To use an AI tool for this purpose, you simply input your main points or ideas into the tool, and it will generate a conclusion that reflects these key points.

This saves you time and effort, as you no longer have to spend time crafting a conclusion from scratch.

Revise and Edit

While using AI tools can certainly help you write blog posts faster, it’s important to remember that these tools are not perfect and can sometimes produce generic or inaccurate content. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly revise and edit your blog posts before hitting the publish button.

By reviewing your writing with a critical eye, you can ensure that your content is error-free and easy to read.

You can catch any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or awkward phrasing that might have slipped through during the writing process.

Build a Content Calendar

write blof posts fast

A content calendar is a schedule that outlines the topics and publishing dates for your blog posts. It allows you to plan out your content in advance and ensure that your writing efforts are focused, deliberate, and aligned with your overall goals.

Building a content calendar is one way to streamline your blogging strategy and save you valuable time in the long run.

By taking the time to plan your content, you can avoid the stress of scrambling to come up with new blog topics, at the last minute.

This allows you to create high-quality content that is well-researched and well-written, rather than simply churning out blog posts to meet a deadline.

How To Write Blog Posts Fast Every Single Time

Follow SOPs to save time writing blog posts

SOPs stand for Standard Operating Procedures, which are a set of guidelines or instructions that dictate how a particular task should be performed in an organization.

In the context of writing blog articles and posts, following SOPs can help to ensure consistency and quality in your writing, while also saving you time.

By following established SOPs for writing blog posts, you can eliminate guesswork and streamline your blog writing process further.

These procedures might include guidelines for conducting research, organizing your ideas, structuring your posts, and editing your content.

By following these procedures, you can develop a consistent writing workflow that allows you to produce high-quality blog posts quickly and efficiently.

Use Surfer SEO content editor to create SEO optimize outlines

Surfer SEO is a content editor that can help you create SEO-optimized outlines for your blog posts. This tool analyzes search engine results for a given topic and provides you with a list of relevant keywords and phrases that you can incorporate into your post.

This helps to ensure that your post is well-optimized for search engines, making it more likely to rank well in search results and attract traffic to your website.

By using Surfer SEO to create an outline for your post, you can ensure that your content is well-organized and focused on the most important keywords and topics, which can help to improve its overall quality and relevance.

How Long Does It Take To Write A Blog Post?

While some writers may be able to produce a post in a relatively short amount of time, others may spend several hours, or even days, crafting a single post.

This is because writing a successful blog post is not just about creating content, but also about ensuring that it is optimized for search engines, engaging to readers, and aligned with the brand’s voice and message.

Additionally, the post needs to be structured in a way that is easy to read and navigate, which involves thoughtful organization and formatting.

Write Articles Faster With These Powerful Resources

Writing high-quality articles quickly can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of powerful resources available that can help you streamline the writing process and generate content at lightning speed

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you write faster and more efficiently. It can generate ideas, write outlines, and even write full drafts of articles for you. By using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Jasper AI can help you streamline your writing process and save time.


WordHero simplifies the lives of marketers and content creators with its AI-powered technology that automatically generates high-quality, SEO-optimized content. You can write a blog post fast with WordHero’s long-form editor tool.

This enables you to save valuable time and money without compromising your desired outcomes.

WordHero’s user-friendly dashboard makes content review and approval a breeze, eliminating the need for endless editing sessions.

WordHero has a lifetime deal where you only have to pay once to get lifetime access to the tool.


Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you generate ideas, write outlines, and even write full drafts of articles for you.

It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze your input and generate high-quality content that is optimized for search engines.

By using Writesonic, you can save time and produce high-quality articles more quickly than you might be able to on your own. With Writesonic you can create great blog post articles in minutes.

Writesonic is my best on a budget ai writing tool on the market. You can get started as low as $12 dollars a month.

Final Thoughts- How To Write A Blog Post Faster

To conclude, AI is revolutionizing content creation. You can create amazing blog articles and posts faster than ever before because AI technology allows you to save time and effort by automating mundane tasks.

With these fifteen tips for quicker content, you will have the ability to plan, strategize, craft, and deliver exceptional blog posts that will engage your readers and move them to action.

As with any new piece of technology, however, caution must be taken to ensure not just accuracy but ethical use as well. So take some time to get familiar with the available AI tools and make sure you are using them safely and responsibly before putting them into practice.

At the end of the day, AI provides us with a remarkable array of possibilities when it comes to creating content faster– possibilities that we should embrace!

Try Jasper ai for FREE for 7 days and don’t forget to optimize your articles using Surfer SEO.

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